4 Questions to Ask Your Car Accident Injury Chiropractor

After you’re involved in a car accident in the Tampa Bay area, you have many different medical treatment options to consider. We recommend seeing a chiropractor as soon as possible after the car wreck in order to confirm any injuries and begin seeking care, however, it’s hard to know if the chiropractor you’re seeing is the right one for your situation. In order to do your due diligence in finding the right chiropractor for you, you should ask these four questions at your first visit:

1. What’s your experience treating my condition?

Once they give a diagnosis of your condition, you’ll want to get more background information about them and the previous experience they have in treating that specific type of injury. While all chiropractors are trained in a similar manner, not all of them specialize in car accident injuries. Finding a D.C. that is known to help patients recover from severe auto accident injuries is important to get the quickest and most effective treatment plan.

2. What techniques and methods do you practice?

There are several different techniques that your chiropractor might use to adjust or treat their patients, but some are only experienced in one or two. Not every condition is equal and they can’t all be treated by the same techniques, so you’ll want to ensure that they are skilled in the appropriate treatment method your injury requires.

3. Do you do X-Rays?

X-Rays are crucial in being able to identify and rule out any broken bones or fractures and determine the current state of joints and discs. These X-Rays provide valuable information in determining how long recovery will take and which techniques are best suited to treat your injury. A chiropractor who is hasty to jump into treatment without performing X-Rays may not be your best bet.

4. How long does treatment last?

Ideally, your treatment plan will be curated to your specific needs and injuries and it won’t be a one-size-fits-all strategy used on every patient. After your chiropractor lays out the basis of the long-term or short-term treatment plan they have in mind for you, make sure to clarify. Before you begin any sort of treatment plan at a chiropractic facility, make sure it was made specifically for you and your condition. If you’re still searching for a car accident chiropractor that can treat your injuries effectively, contact Drs. Brill, Champion, and Krzeminski at Sea Change Wellness Chiropractic in St. Petersburg, FL, at (727) 521-4244.

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