5 Delayed Car Crash Injury Symptoms Not to Ignore

When serious accidents happen, it seems like a miracle when no one is immediately hurt. Even a minor car accident can leave victims leaving the scene feeling like they got out of it without any injuries.

However, pain and other symptoms can still develop days or weeks after a car crash occurs, and these symptoms should not be mistaken for something else or ignored. The best thing to do when you suspect you’re experiencing a delayed car crash injury is schedule an appointment with Tampa Bay area car accident chiropractors at Sea Change Wellness to receive prompt and proper treatment.

Top 5 Injury Symptoms To Look Out For

  1. Headaches – While you may think a headache after a traumatic experience is run of the mill, it can actually be a sign pointing to a concussion, neck injury, or whiplash. They often won’t develop until a few days after the crash but are not to be mistaken for a normal headache or a migraine, as ignoring them or simply treating them with OTC pain relievers may allow the true problem to grow worse.
  2. Stiffness – Feeling stiff in your neck or upper back is a common result of rear-end car accidents. This is because whiplash can move the neck in unnatural and jerking ways when hit from behind, and the symptoms slowly begin to show over time. Any serious neck, head, or shoulder stiffness should always be checked by a trusted chiropractor.
  3. Abdominal Pain – Pain or swelling in the abdominal region can be a very serious sign of internal bleeding. This is a serious matter that merits immediate medical attention, especially if coupled with dizziness, bruising in the area or fainting spells.
  4. Back Pain – When the ligaments, muscles, or nerves in the back get compressed in a car accident, it can cause lasting back pain. Numbness or tingling in addition to discomfort might also be pointing to a pinched nerve. A number of car accident-related back issues can be resolved with the proper alignment from our chiropractors.
  5. Numbness or Tingling – As with back pain, any tingling or numbness anywhere in the body may be signaling to a pinched nerve. If any unusual feeling or lack of feeling takes over any part of your body in the days or weeks following a Tampa car crash, visit our doctors to relieve the pain.


No one should suffer through car accident injuries. With today’s science and innovations in the chiropractic field, we are able to offer patients great relief through methods of subluxation and other adjustments and treatments. Even if the pain comes weeks after the accident, it’s never too late to get treatment. Call Drs. Brian Brill and Heather Champion at Sea Change Wellness to set up an appointment and leave your pain behind at our Tampa office.

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