5 Serious Common Car Accident Injuries Most People Overlook

When you’re involved in a car accident and walk away from it feeling relatively pain- and injury-free, it’s easy to assume you didn’t sustain any real injuries and that you’re lucky to be in great health. While it is true that walking away from a car accident relatively unscathed is lucky, it doesn’t necessarily mean you avoided injuries entirely.

In fact, there are several serious car accident injuries, like back injuries or whiplash, that may not show symptoms for hours, days, or even weeks after the crash.

When these unfortunate events occur, it’s shocking. Our bodies begin pumping out adrenaline, which can easily block feelings of pain from any injuries that you’ve incurred from the crash.

If you or someone you know has been in an auto accident lately, it’s critical to see a medical professional as soon as possible. They can help identify and treat a number of serious and common car accident injuries that you may have overlooked.

Some of the most common car accident injuries people overlook include:


Concussions are traumatic brain injuries that occur when your head hits an object, like a steering wheel or window. This violent and rapid jerking motion of the head and neck may cause the brain to hit the skill, leading to symptoms such as drowsiness, memory loss, headaches, or blurry vision. Many concussion symptoms are delayed, which can make the immediate diagnosis more difficult.

After a car accident, it’s important not to fall asleep immediately so as to give the body time to respond to any injuries it may sustain, including concussions.

Herniated Disc

Another common injury that car accident chiropractors deal with is the herniated disc, which happens when one of the spongy discs that separate each vertebrae of the spine slips out of its proper place. When you have a herniated disc, you’ll notice pain, soreness, and possible inflammation in the area of the irritated nerves. You may even experience numbness or weakness in your extremities. If you notice any of these symptoms after sustaining a car crash, be sure to see a doctor for a proper diagnosis.


Whiplash is often written off as generalized head, neck, or shoulder pain after a car accident. It’s a common occurrence, since whiplash occurs when the head and neck are violently whipped back and forth.

Even crash victims who feel fine at the time of the accident may develop whiplash symptoms a few days later. It’s important to get a medical evaluation as soon as possible after the crash as well as immediately following the development of any new symptoms.

Internal Bleeding

If a car accident causes any major damage to your internal organs, you may develop internal bleeding, which can have serious consequences. Internal bleeding is dangerous because symptoms often don’t show up until later, and it usually requires a visit to the emergency room.

Some symptoms of internal bleeding to look out for include fainting, dizziness, seizures, purple-colored skin, and swelling. If you notice any of these shortly following a car accident, seek immediate medical attention.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Some of the most severe car accident injuries are spinal cord injuries. Injuries like misalignment can slowly develop after an accident and lead to long-lasting pain, stiffness, and suffering.

Proper re-alignment of the spine through subluxation may be required to relieve the pain around the spine and in other areas of the body. Before opting for surgical treatment, consider the benefits of proper chiropractic care to aid in healing spinal cord injuries.

Heal Delayed Car Crash Injuries

Just because a car crash injury is delayed doesn’t mean it’s less serious. In fact, many common car crash injuries that won’t begin to show symptoms for one or more days can have a serious impact on your health and wellbeing.

Whether you’re in pain or feel great following a car accident, it’s always important to get a full medical evaluation from a professional to determine any injuries you may not be aware of and get you on the fast-track to healing.

If you’ve been involved in a car crash in St. Petersburg, FL, recently, contact the car accident chiropractors at Sea Change Wellness Chiropractic as soon as possible to schedule an exam and explore your treatment options.

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