A Faster Route to Car Accident Injury Healing with Chiropractic

Imagine it: You’re driving down the freeway, looking forward to wherever it is you’re going. All of a sudden, your driving comes to an abrupt stop. The metal of your car screeches as you’re rear-ended by the car behind you.

The good news? The injuries you’ve sustained don’t feel so bad – or so you thought. What should be healing feels like it’s only getting worse after a few weeks. There’s stiffness in your neck or pain in your back and you’re wondering what to do.

Many injuries won’t begin to show symptoms for days or weeks following a car wreck, but it doesn’t mean they’re not there. This is the exact reason why you should always see a St. Petersburg chiropractor at Sea Change Wellness as soon as possible after a car accident.

Learn how chiropractic treatment can lead you down a faster route to healing after sustaining a car accident injury by reading below.

1. Identifying “Invisible” Injuries

Even if you feel fine coming out of the car after getting hit, that doesn’t necessarily mean you got off scot-free. Whiplash and back injuries can be invisible for a few hours or a few days. The best way to treat them is to identify them before the symptoms appear, so quick treatment becomes crucial.

Our chiropractors perform full exams to identify any otherwise unseen injuries that may have occurred. Then a plan of treatment can be determined to optimal healing.

2. Reduce Pain and Inflammation

One of the most common car crash injuries is a micro-torn ligament or muscle. Oftentimes, car crash victims will suffer from many of these, causing inflammation throughout the body. The tricky part is that these injuries won’t show up on an X-Ray.

A chiropractor can relieve these issues through spinal manipulations that realign your spinal column. This realignment signals your body to release anti-inflammatory chemicals that will do the healing work of these micro-tears for you.

3. Break up Scar Tissue

Scar tissue build-up can make you feel sore and stiff following a car accident in St. Petersburg. Our car accident chiropractors at Sea Change Wellness can use techniques to target these problem areas and begin breaking up the tissue faster.

You’ll notice some of the effects of this immediately, leaving the office feeling much less stiff and sore.

4. Drug-free Relief

Some doctors tend to treat car accident injuries with prescription medications to reduce pain. While these can be an effective short-term treatment, they shouldn’t be a long-term solution. Chiropractors take a different approach, using drug-free treatments such as spinal alignments to promote fast but long-term healing.

5. Non-Invasive, Holistic Treatment

Waiting too long to seek treatment after the accident could mean you’ll need surgery later. You can avoid these drastic measures by seeking treatment quickly from a chiropractor. This becomes a much more affordable, less invasive, and holistic treatment.

While in some cases surgery will be necessary, other cases can avoid it altogether with a proper chiropractic treatment plan.

6. Improved Mobility

Inflammation goes beyond a stiff neck and shoulders. It can also lead to limited mobility, which can get in the way of daily activities. Speed up your healing process with a restored range of motion so that your blood and nutrients have a clear path to healing you from the inside out. A chiropractic adjustment can release these blockages to promote a further range of motion in the spine.

Faster Healing with Sea Change Chiropractic

No one wants to live with constant pain or inflammation. Whether you were injured in a head-on collision or rear-ended, failure to seek immediate medical treatment can leave you with long-term pain or much more serious injuries.

Get ahead of the healing process. Make an appointment with Sea Change Wellness’ car accident chiropractors as soon as possible after the accident. Our experts are standing by – ready to help, ready to heal.

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