Protecting Your Back in the Gym: 6 Tips

Exercise is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle and body – it helps maintain a healthy weight, builds muscle strength, aids in flexibility, and helps the body produce feel-good endorphins. Before your next workout, review our six top tips to protecting your back in the gym during every round and rep. Exercising incorrectly can do more harm than good.

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The Best Way to Sleep for Spinal Alignment

Our bodies are designed to work hard during the night, restoring and rejuvenating so we can wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. Sleep is also paramount to reducing injury and maximizing recovery. When you have back or neck pain, however, your sleep will need a little help from you to ensure spinal alignment, so you don’t wake

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Getting Back to Life after a Car Accident: 7 Tips

After being involved in a car crash, it can feel like everything changed in a matter of seconds. Between the mental anguish, the injuries, and the car repairs, there’s a lot you’ll need to deal with to get back to your normal self and routine. Getting back to your life after a car accident isn’t just about recovery – although

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7 Chiropractic Myths, Dispelled

Chiropractic is one of the most misunderstood health fields. Despite the practice’s 100-year-long history, many people still don’t understand what chiropractic treatment is, what it can do, and the science behind it. Some people only know about spinal manipulations and fear they are a painful experience, while others might think chiropractic doctors only treat the back. There are several chiropractic

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Health and Injury Risks of Low-Impact Auto Accidents

A “fender bender” doesn’t do much damage to a car, so it probably can’t do much damage to the driver or passengers, right? Think again. Low-impact auto accidents have the reputation of not being serious accidents, but it’s actually a dangerous myth. Leaving injuries to go untreated after a minor crash can create further problems, so it’s always a good

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Tips to Maximize Recovery and Avoid Injury

You’ve heard it once and you’ll hear it again, exercise of all kinds is one of the best things you can do to care for your mind, body, and overall health. Building muscle and keeping your heart healthy with aerobic movement is something everyone should prioritize in their routines. However, everything should be in moderation (exercise included). If you’re not

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Workplace Posture: 6 Exercises and Stretches You Can Do From Your Desk

Desk workers have a tendency to develop poor, slumped posture and tech neck due to the placement of desk components such as the chair, computer, and the desktop itself, repetitive movements, and the long-sustained time spent in these seated positions. In this blog, we introduce 6 exercises and stretches you can do from your desk. If you’re newly working from

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Chiropractic: Essential for an Active Lifestyle

Chiropractors do more than just fix bad backs or treat car accident injuries. They can also provide routine care to improve the overall health and wellness of their patients, reduce chronic pain, and condition an active body to remain healthy and mobile for years to come. Chiropractic is essential for an active lifestyle. Athletes and those who live an active

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What Is Integrative Medicine? Principles and How Chiropractic Fits In

Integrative medicine is all about treating the whole patient, finding the underlying cause rather than looking just at the symptoms, and incorporating a variety of treatment methods, including conventional and alternative, to achieve optimal health for every patient. Chiropractic is an essential component of the integrative medicine philosophy, harnessing the science and art of maintaining optimal health through the careful

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Tips for Better Posture When Sitting, Standing, and Laying Down

Good posture may come naturally to some, but to others, it takes effort to ensure we’re supporting our bodies properly throughout the day, whether sitting, standing, or laying down. Our growing reliance on technology doesn’t help this — many of us spend our days hunched over a laptop or cellphone, which stresses the spine, leads to tech neck, and can

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