5 Tips for a Spine-Supporting Workspace

Work can be a pain in more ways than one. Adding back, neck, and shoulder pain to the existing stress of your job only makes things worse. Implementing tips for a spine-supporting workspace can make all the difference in your daily routine. While a desk may seem like just a desk, it’s actually somewhere you’re spending a large portion of

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5 Serious Common Car Accident Injuries Most People Overlook

When you’re involved in a car accident and walk away from it feeling relatively pain- and injury-free, it’s easy to assume you didn’t sustain any real injuries and that you’re lucky to be in great health. While it is true that walking away from a car accident relatively unscathed is lucky, it doesn’t necessarily mean you avoided injuries entirely. In

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How Car Accidents Can Exacerbate Pre-Existing Conditions

Car accidents can cause a lot of new damage to a body that wasn’t already there. Things like whiplash and soft tissue injuries can cause pain and discomfort for years to come. But in addition to new injuries, car accidents also have a way of making pre-existing injuries and conditions worse. Just when you think you might be fully healed

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Pain and Soreness After an Auto Accident: How Chiropractic Can Help

A little bit of pain and soreness after an auto accident can feel like the best-case scenario. While it’s true that your injuries could be a lot worse, it’s still important to pay attention to any amount of pain or discomfort that lingers after being involved in a motor vehicle accident. Dismissing your soreness and pain as a “normal” result

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A Faster Route to Car Accident Injury Healing with Chiropractic

Imagine it: You’re driving down the freeway, looking forward to wherever it is you’re going. All of a sudden, your driving comes to an abrupt stop. The metal of your car screeches as you’re rear-ended by the car behind you. The good news? The injuries you’ve sustained don’t feel so bad – or so you thought. What should be healing

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5 Tips to Boost Your Immune System During Coronavirus

While there is no miracle cure or surefire way to prevent Coronavirus, there are still some measures you can take at home right now to boost your immunity and give your body its best shot at staying healthy. At Sea Change Chiropractic, we believe in 360-degree wellness. Chiropractic isn’t just about spinal manipulations, it’s also about comprehensive health and wellbeing.

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3 Injuries to Avoid While Spring Cleaning

We’re not sure exactly what it is about spring that makes us all want to clear the clutter and wipe the dust away, but the call is strong. There’s just something about a freshened up home that can work wonders in more ways than just hygiene – it seems to lighten the mood and atmosphere of the whole place. Yet,

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10 Benefits of Regular Chiropractic Care

You’ve likely been to the chiropractor before for back pain or to treat a neck injury. However, have you ever thought of incorporating chiropractic care into your regular health and wellness routine? You can reap a whole host of benefits to your health when you pay your chiropractor regular visits. At Sea Change Wellness Chiropractic, Drs. Brill and Baylor offer

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5 Ways Chiropractic Can Lead to Faster Injury Healing

When we get an injury, it’s all too easy to just take some over-the-counter pain medication and call it a day. While treating injuries at home might work for minor issues, it won’t be effective in treating more serious soft-tissue injuries. When you get an injury that affects your mobility and daily life, it’s your responsibility to seek treatment and

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10 Fun Facts About Chiropractic

Chiropractic care might be one of the most misunderstood practices. Thanks to circulating misinformation, there are a lot of people who think chiropractic treatment just means getting your “back cracked.” In reality, there’s so much more that goes into good chiropractic care. If you’re experiencing chronic pain and haven’t been able to find relief through traditional medicine, you should consider

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