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Workplace Posture: 6 Exercises and Stretches You Can Do From Your Desk

Desk workers have a tendency to develop poor, slumped posture and tech neck due to the placement of desk components such as the chair, computer, and the desktop itself, repetitive movements, and the long-sustained time spent in these seated positions. In this blog, we introduce 6 exercises and stretches you can do from your desk. If you’re newly working from

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Signs of Tech Neck and How to Prevent It

Tech neck isn’t new, but more and more people are becoming familiar with it as a result of spending more time at home with their devices during the pandemic. So, what is tech neck, how can you know if you have it, and how can you prevent it from showing up or getting worse? In this article, we’ll address what

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3 Ways Chiropractic Can Treat Pain From Poor WFH Posture

Work from home has made sustaining good posture more challenging than ever. If your poor WFH posture has led to pain, a chiropractor can help. Read more.