Dos and Don’ts After an Auto Accident Injury

When a car accident causes an injury, it can affect you for life. What may seem to be a minor collision can actually create a stressful and magnified impact on the human body that wreaks havoc for years to come if left untreated. Getting quick treatment and finding medical relief might be a no-brainer now, but in the midst of car crash-induced panic, it can be harder to prioritize your health than you may think. Keep in mind these dos and don’ts after an auto accident injury to keep your health first priority.


  • Write everything down. The blur of a car wreck scene can leave you confused when trying to recall details of what happened. Keeping detailed notes as soon as possible will give you clarity and help both the doctor and the insurance company help you.
  • See a doctor. It’s crucial to see a car accident chiropractor and any other medical professionals necessary to treat your car accident injuries. Chiropractic care is more effective the earlier it is received, so we recommend making an appointment with one of our Tampa Bay area chiropractors as soon as you leave the scene of the accident.
  • Keep all medical bills. Hold onto all the bills and records of medical payment for a better chance of getting these expenses covered by insurance.
  • Document medical progress closely. Make note of things like how you’re feeling, when your doctor’s appointments are, the names of the practitioners you see, and any medications prescribed or recommended. These will come in handy to prove the impact of the car accident on your health.


  • Prioritize your car. Even though it may be scary to see your damaged car, don’t prioritize getting it fixed over your health. Your body is more important than a car, so seeing a car accident chiropractor should happen before your car gets to a body shop.
  • Delay a doctor’s visit. If you’re finding reasons to delay your doctor’s visit, you’re putting the future of your health at stake. Things like whiplash can cause pain for years, so it’s worth the hassle to get treated immediately.
  • Get rid of any evidence. If you have any torn clothes or other materials that may act as evidence of an injury, hold on to it!
  • Assume your injury is too minor for medical attention. It might be easier to brush off a small bruise as unworthy of a doctor’s visit, but it’s smart to take every precaution.

When involved in an auto accident, the force of the impact can cause internal stress on the human body in ways that may not show for a while. If you’ve been in a car crash in the St. Petersburg, FL, area, you need a chiropractic evaluation right away from Drs. Brian Brill and Heather Champion to ensure you’re getting proper medical treatment for any injuries. Call us at Sea Change Wellness at (727) 521-4244 after leaving the scene to schedule your car accident injury evaluation as soon as possible.

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