How to Avoid and Counteract the Effects of Tech Neck

Technology is pervasive in our lives, with many of us spending hours a day looking down at our devices. Unfortunately, this can have an adverse effect on your neck and shoulders, resulting in tech neck. This condition is characterized by tightness in the neck and shoulders, headaches, dizziness, and even pain due to poor posture caused by staring down at our phones or laptops for too long. Fortunately, you can take some simple steps to counteract the impact of tech neck.

Adjust Your Device Settings to Avoid Tech Neck

One of the simplest things you can do to help counter tech neck is to adjust your device settings so that the screen is tilted slightly up when you’re using it. This will help keep your posture more neutral instead of slumped over and looking down at your device. Of course, this tip is only applicable to desktop computers and, in some cases, laptops.

When you can’t adjust the device settings, try simply holding your device higher. Holding your phone at eye level will keep your neck and head upright and minimize gravity’s downward pull on this area to keep the muscles and ligaments strong.

Take Breaks

Another easy way to combat tech neck is to take frequent breaks from looking down at your device. Look away from the screen every few minutes and give yourself a break by gently moving around for a few minutes at a time. This will help reduce strain on your neck muscles and relax them after extended periods of use.

Using this time to get a few exercises or stretches for posture will do double duty.

Use a Stand

If you’re using a laptop or tablet for extended periods of time, consider investing in a stand so you don’t have to hunch over your device as much while working or browsing online. Many stands can be adjusted to find the perfect angle and height for your device without having to hunch over it constantly throughout the day.

Get Adjusted Regularly to Avoid the Effects of Tech Neck

Finally, seeing a chiropractor regularly can help counteract any damage done by tech neck as well as providing relief from any pain associated with it. Chiropractors specialize in integrative medicine and treating conditions like tech neck. We can provide adjustments that relieve pressure on specific areas of the body, like the neck and shoulders, while helping restore joint mobility.

Defeating Tech Neck by Preventing It

Tech neck is becoming an increasingly common problem caused by extensive usage of devices like smartphones and laptops, which require us to look down for extended periods throughout the day. Fortunately, there are several ways we can counteract tech neck, such as adjusting our device settings, taking breaks frequently, using stands while online, and getting adjusted regularly by a chiropractor. Taking these measures will not only help reduce pain associated with tech neck but also promote better posture habits for the long term.

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